Ready Poet 1

Yeahhhhh, we’re just about ready. In fact, its so close to ready that we’ve released the baseline website to support what we’ve already been doing for 5 years. Eurslamband is here and in one sense, where ever you are.  We are your poetry slam-band. I’m applying for a patent on it, don’t know whether they’ll allow it.

We’re NOT a jam band, far from it, nor do you stand on stage and speak your stuff nervously while we grind over you.  Nope, nada, not at all what we are.  EurSlamBand Plays your poetry, to a T. That’s right– you post poetry on and if you show up at our show, there’s a real possibility we’re going to sing your prose.

You see, as you log into ‘s site, you’re given a unique QR code for your phone or to print, if you want to, that, when flashed at the door to our gigs, enters your poems or lyric content to our proprietary system. Ahh, but that’s all techie stuff, best part is that you create it, we play it. Yeahhhh, so we hope you like the way we sound and get to enjoy your own nirvana at a eurslamband show.

We started this project at Maison De Z studio in 2012 and migrated to a much larger, upgraded studio called Overspray, where we were bringing in different players every week, exploring new melodies, rhythms and creating

live lyrics on the spot. We got good at it and found that, if the right technologies could be adapted, we might be able to thrill others beyond ourselves.

There’ll be a lot of further tweaks and new stuff along the way, but for now, start writing great stuff so we can play your prose!

Eur.Band, Eur SLAM band. We’ll be playing in May 2018, yet first, we need you to post a ton of poetry, photos and lyrics.



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