Poem for the Holidays

Its December now. The leaves have all left us, lakes are icing over and Eur.Band has been updating a few items getting ready for our next show.   

A couple years ago, we did a studio night just prior to Christmas where we messed with Christmas Carols. It was fun. It was really just a rendition of “Rip the Cover”, yet we recognized it could be even more fun if YOU shared poems about the Holidays while we ripped a couple carol covers to boot. 

For our Dec 29th show at THE ATWOOD,  I think you should share a poem about Holidays, however and whatever that means to you. 


POEM FOR THE HOLIDAYS  @ THE ATWOOD https://www.facebook.com/TheAtwoodMadison/


So, the “Poem for The Holidays” show, our Theme is “HOLIDAY ____________”.  POST A POEM, FLASH YOUR QR CODE AT THE DOOR AND Get Eur Free i AM EUR.BAND shirt, while supplies last. 

You look great in that color. Nice poem, by the way. 

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