Poem for the Holidays

Its December now. The leaves have all left us, lakes are icing over and Eur.Band has been updating a few items getting ready for our next show.    A couple years ago, we did a studio night just prior to Christmas where we messed with Christmas Carols. It was fun. It was really just a…

Wild Ride

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Summer’s over and while a lot of our experience was waterlogged, we did still have a bunch of fun. Let’s review.  Of the 90 or so days that we actually consider summer, we had a bunch of festivals, a number of fantastic rainstorms (one of which totally flooded Other Trance Studio if we didn’t have…

Soft Opening

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OK, so our soft opening show is at Old Sugar Distillery on Friday June 8th. Given, said, poems that contain “soft”, “opening” and things related are what we’re looking for. So, get in there on the website, create your secret pen name and post something groovy, OK?

Your secret voice

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I had a chat with a friend, one who lives loud and proud in daily life, who shared something that I hadn’t considered. He doesn’t look like a poet and if I were to judge books by their covers, he wouldn’t be a in intimate thinker, either. We shared a long lunch and he revealed that…